Join Us for “Superheros and Sweets: a family friendly fundraiser for the Homeless”


Be a superhero. Eat sweets. Have fun.  We hope you will join us on Sunday, Nov 9th for our inaugural  ”Superheros and Sweets” fundraiser at Railroad Park in Birmingham from 2-5pm.  We will decide who has the best cupcake in Birmingham through a friendly competition from local bakeries.

You can purchase tickets online by clicking here.

You can RSVP here on Facebook and contact Matt for information about sponsorships and the competition.  Email:

Women Empowering Women at Reconciler

Did you know that women are the life-force of discipleship at Church of the Reconciler?  Every Tuesday morning a growing group of women meet to fellowship and utilize real life testimonies to equip each woman to deal with life’s daily struggles.  At each meeting, Reconciler’s women embody Paul’s plea to the Philippians to imitate Christ by looking out for what is better for others instead of your own good (Philippians 2:1-11).  The embodiment of this loving spirit is producing a model for all Christ followers at Reconciler. The model set forth from the Women’s Group is making a huge impact throughout the community.  When asked what the weekly group means to them, the women all respond with similar feelings regarding a family of support, love, and peace.  But to some, the group is empowering.  One regular attendee explains, “It’s giving me a sense of purpose in helping people and it lets me know God is working in my life, giving me strength.”  The sense of purpose women receive from the group is influencing the entire Reconciler community.  When disagreements and conflicts arise, it is the women who take a stand and ask community members to talk through their differences rather than resorting to violence.  At Reconciler we all walk closer with Christ because of the women. A young, motivated volunteer began the Women’s Group journey in October.  She envisioned creating a time to offer coffee and girl talk with Reconciler’s women, but in the last seven months it has grown into something very powerful.  The racially diverse group includes both the young and young at heart while covering the city’s socioeconomic spectrum.  Now women from the suburbs listen and learn from women from the streets and vice versa.  If you are a woman looking for support in Birmingham, there is a space for you at Reconciler’s Women’s Group. Please contact Mary Elizabeth Myatt ( or Adam Burns ( for more information.